About Me

I'm Svanhildur Kristjánsson Svavarsdóttir and I'm an Autism TEACCH Certified Consultant. I provide education, training, webinars, coaching/consulting for teachers and trainers, and I support parents and students with autism. I specialize in curriculum creation, setting up tasks, tests, reports, and keep-data.

Location: Arizona or Iceland, I travel back and forth often.

As an Autism Consultant and a coach for teachers who works with students with Autism, I visit classrooms to assess the student's/students functional skills, communication skills, social skills, and then provide a customized curriculum for the teachers to follow for each student.

We try to make school meaningful and fun for them, which will empower them and make them happy.

I offer TEACCH-STM 3-day Autism training for teachers, other professionals, and parents. I also do one-day workshops in working with students with ASD in regular classrooms, for paraprofessionals, and parents, as well as training in the use of PEP-3 (Psychoeducational Profile-Third Edition) and TTAP.

Please email for more information: at [email protected]

Get in Touch With Me

If you are looking for more information for yourself, for a school or institution, please contact me! I can answer questions you may have as well as respond to any inquiries about the TEACCH methodology.

What is Autism?

This is a clip from an Icelandic documentary, How the Titanic Became My Lifeboat, on the subject of autism, made by Brynjar Karl, to answer this important question.